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, as a three-term senator i'm wondering how much have you seen a change in d.c. since you left office? >> well, when i ran for office the first time in 1978, my primary and general election campaigns cost $26 million. jon corzine won in 2000 which was over a decade ago, spent $63 million. >> john: that was just the buffet. >> much of it his own. >> john: i guess citizens united united is assigned the culpability in this. but it seems like it was going on to a great -- >> oh, yeah, citizens united just turbocharged what was the problem. that $318 million i'm talking about from the finance industry didn't come because of citizens united. citizens united is super paced. these are institutions that make contributions through their own pacs and individuals and money and then visit a congressman or senator and talk about an issue. from my standpoint lobbyists are often very helpful. they bring information. you have to break the link between the lobbyist and money. and so let them off of their advice make their arguments but then an hour later, don't go down to the back room of the bar and get $10,00
and in limbo. this must change. it is unfair. it is just not the american way and this country is ready for it. but i will agree with brian on this. no matter what, there's been so much momentum. no matter what happens with this, get california, that will be the tenth straight in the district of columbia with the marriage equality. 278 of america's largest corporations said it is bad for business to discriminate leading up to the court cases. we saw several senators from rockport, claire mccaskill to mark warner come out and say they're in support. the tide has turned. it is safe for even republicans to come out now. there's no going back so the court might as well take that step and do the right thing today. >> john: i'm glad you mentioned the corporations. we've learned in this age of supermergers, our politicians don't mind when corporations marry corporations, even polygamy. i want to talk about justice scalia's comments on children raised by same-sex couples. of course, he's against gay marriage traditionally because of his catholic background, a follower of jesus who was a noted nonhomop
by death of a thousand cuts which will be opinion polls changing day after day after day, and marginalizing, slowly our opposition seeing state after state coming to the conclusion that it is unfair to treat couples differently just because of their sexual orientation, and it's not in the spirit of this country, which we don't get things right right away all the time, but we move in the right direction. >> john: it's great to see progress taking place in our time, and it came because lbgt americans and their allies got organized and forced the leaders to follow them. brian a lot of court watchers are saying that the liberal block and swing justice kennedy seem ready to strike the act down today? how important is it to get one of the conservative votes? >> i think it is possible, and it should be. because we're talking about a law that disrespects the decisions that states have already made about allowing same-sex couples to marry, and that seems like a rather conservative concept. >> john: exactly. >> it would be great to see one of them come alon
are undergoing tremendous change and are in the midst of violence and political turmoil. egypt is the cornerstone country in the region for american interest, and kerry is making it clear that the u.s. stands with egypt and changes taking place but this money was appropriated and authorized a year ago is now being released. it was held some time by congress we lated to questions related to egypt's future and politics there. but it is a worthwhile investment. it's the kind of money that if we're going to use money in foreign aid this is where we should be putting it, to make sure we have a relationship with this new government that does meet the needs of the country. >> john: and anybody who cares about egypt's long term strength and stability should care very deeply about the strength of our relationship with egypt. >> we really have a relationship with the cornerstone country for israel ensuring that israel's southern board is secure. they signed a peace treaty more than three decades ago. part of that was to make sure that the u.s. and egypt were tight, and the security relationship we have wit
dropped substantially as well. meanwhile, house republicans don't seem too keen on changing that trend. the house voted to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year, which ends september 30th, but left the sequester in place. most republicans voted yes. most democrats no. the bill a give the pentagon flexibility in deciding where to cut but did not touch the $85 billion the sequester will cut from the economy, a cut that could cost three-quarters of a million jobs this year, which would boost both the unemployment rate and income inequality. maybe that's exactly what some members of congress really want. for more let's go to economist and roosevelt institute senior fellow jeff madrick welcome back to the show. >> it's good to see. >> john: it's great to see you although under disconcerting circumstances. fdr's theme song was "happy days are here again." i would like to say with the record set for the dui we would like to say that happy day for most americans but that the knows the case. >> that's not the case yet. it seems more repulsive that this is going on. stocks risi
been proposing. what he's been proposing is a radical change, such a radical change that members of his own caucus get terrified when he talks about tinkering with the age at which he implement it. >> john: we learned during the campaign last year with governor romney, they're fond of saying things like no seniors will have their medicare taken away from them. of course, anybody under age 55 would have been hurt by the voucher plan. his budget is scheduled for release next wednesday. he said we shouldn't expect any surprises. so john, could that mean he is going to try again to turn medicare into a voucher program like he floated with governor romney last campaign season? >> i think that there's very little question that he is going to propose a radical change in medicare for people under a certain age be it 55, 56. that radical change, sometimes referred to as premium support and other names is really a voucher program. and it is a program where you say to people we're going to give you a chunk of money. you go out and find yourself some insurance. well, call me crazy but i think the i
to change the brand. what this does is allow democrats to say--you don't even need to know the details of this program. just know that the republican party you voted against, that's the republican party of today. they have not changed one bit and the paul ryan budget hasn't either. >> john: they seem to agree they need to change their brand but they can't come to agreement what that would look like. what about the g.o.p. moving on issues immigration, gun control, do you see any chance of compromise on any of these issues? >> i see very, very little chance. to me for they are retrenching. they just cut a bill to only use the filibuster under extraordinary situation yet they use it on every nominee obama puts up. this is a republican party incapable of reforming themselves. they don't like evolution in reality or in any sense of the world. they're not going to evolve. the only way they're going to change in 2014 the american public gets tired of it and votes them out in bigger numbers. the american people isn't with them and nothing they're doing today is changing that fact. >> john: an
a gun. and his office issued an immediate retraction. and bp has changed it's environmental record on wikipedia. it's shocking that something like this could happen on a website, but why do polluting corporations feel the need to rewrite history when we can do it for them. happy birthday to cenk uygur and jimmy carter boycott the olympics because of invasion of afghanistan. it was called the some day this will be ironic act of 1980. this is "viewpoint." [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: good evening, i'm fug fug. this is "viewpoint." back when chicago mayor rahm emanuel was president president obama's chief of staff he told reporters, you never want a serious crisis to go to waste. in nearly two weeks since 16 of-year-old kimani gray has shot to death by prison in brooklyn's east flatbush neighborhood a lot of people have been acting on that advice. i political twists battling police violence have been set up on facebook page to organize protest marchs and vigils demanding justice and meanwhile many people who live in east flatbush think activists were outside the neighborhood are making
community is finding ways to funnel supplies and resources and money to this government, but to change the nature of its relationship. it's clear that secretary hagel said karzai may be feeling the pressure, and certainly in this visit it appears that he's trying to launch a tactical maneuver to get more concessions or get more of a different deal out of the united states. this is tactics but it's not going to change the american strategy there. >> john: i think you're right. you mentioned what secretary hagel said. his exact response was quote i know these are difficult issues for president karzai and the afghan people. i was once a politician, so i can understand the kind of pressures especially leaders of countries are always under. is chuck hagel saying more or less, don't worry the guy is lying? >> what secretary hagel is saying there is a fuller picture and this is just one particular episode. it was horrible that there was a bombing during hagel's visit and killing of soldiers again today, this underscores the policy of withdrawing from afghanistan is the right policy. but the k
change their views on social insurance any time soon. republicans should soon be on record again as supporting severe cuts in programs that benefits the mill class and the poor. i'm delighted to be joined by the reverend dr. susan thistlethwaite professor of theology and former president of the chicago theological seminary. welcome. >> thank you. >> you were the author of "occupy the bible: what jesus really said and did about money and power." >> thank you. >> john: the raptured budget that was on the occupy bible website. what did you mean by calling it a raptors budget. >> you may recall the rapture is the radical right christian idea that all the saintly people are going to be pulled up into heaven, and the sinners are going to be left behind. what i released realized was that you were meant to take this seriously. if there ever were a documentary that proves who is being left behind "american winter" that you just described with your guest asks that. it breaks your heart. >> john: many conservative republicans and to be fair some democrats as well, especially in the south an
and travel around the country looking the same way i'm looking now. but we knew that all of that will change and that new academics against women with him rise in the country in conflict zones and it turned to be the case, like trafficking of iraqi women, and it started immediately after the invasion. other issues like honor killings, which was fought really an iraqi story. >> i think the american media largely failed in telling the american people that iraqi women enjoyed much greater freedom under sadaam hussein than once they were liberated. maggie, you actually fought in iraq before joining iraq veterans against the war. can you explain the transformation you've experienced over the past 10 years? >> yeah, for me, i was 21 years old, 10 years ago waited to go to iraq. i was young and naive and idealistic and i didn't know that fox news wasn't fair and balanced, and you know, so a lot has changed since then. my experience in iraq, meeting iraqi people, seeing iraqi children, you know, and the first initial invasion, i believed we were there doing something good. looking back 10 years late
: gay marriage laws may change but as long as some congressmen still have easy access to assault weapons america is always going to have a sense of continuity. president obama calls out the 10% of the population who oppose background checks but fox viewers don't know he did that as fox spent that time broadcasting an anti-obama economic story before cutting to a fred thompson commercial for reverse mortgages. >>> and the sequester is sequestering the poor from the idea of fairness in america. but now it may be backfiring often the very republicans who who led the tax increase. well played, boehner. today is the birthday of edwin muskie. happy birthday to sheryl james of salt-n-pepa. tomorrow is good friday. hopefully my jokes will be funny three days from now if my jokes die. welcome. this is "viewpoint." >> john: good evening. i'm john fuglesang. this is "viewpoint." thank you so much for joining us tonight. an outraged president obama stood before the families of gun violence victims at the white house today and demanded congress enact gun control legislation in the wake of the sandy h
have to agree for more revenue before he would agree to changing the programs. what do you think of that particular bargain sir? do social security programs need to be cut? >> the answer is they don't. social security has almost $2 trillion in the bank. it is the largest government fund in the entire world. that's what they've got sitting in the bank and that's what the rest of the government and the american people owe that fund. under current law, social security can pay out out 100% of its benefits for the next 25 years which is probably longer than i'm going to meed it. after that point 85% to 95% of its benefits, a minor tweak like for instance raising the cap on who has to pay social security taxes above the current roughly $100,000 or, for instance, making investment income, either one would make the program solvent forever. the situation is not terribly different with medicare. >> john: does the president mean it when he talks about putting the cuts on the table sir? >> i take no pleasure in saying this. i voted for the president twice. he's the leader of my party but on
programs, and reform--i can't believe that word came out of my mind, but to drastically cut change, cut programs. that's what they really want to do, but they now they can couch it in the we must reduce the deficit terms and that a lot of people will fall for it. you're correct in the premise of your question, it's correct. the deficit has gone down to $845 billion. that's still a high def sit but its falling pretty fast. if the economy keeps going at this clip, 250,000 private sector jobs a month, who knows. >> john: and economists claim the stimulus saved the economy. sir, have we reached a point where the best deal for our country may be no deal at all? >> well, a lot of people have said this going way back, going back to when this budget control act was passed in 2011, which is the act that led to the sequestration. yeah, this is an entirely possible outcome that no deal is the best deal. i just don't see what is going to make the republicans move on tax revenues. i didn't see anything in ryan's new budget that suggested this was possible. he wants to cut taxes even further, especia
years old and listening to michael jackson's man in the mirror. i knew i had to make a change. rob portman came out like pro gay marriage, did you not say anything. right now they're mute, letting the society like sort of make their choice for them. >> it's not 2014 yet, is it? my panel stays with me, and we'll more about republican's new found love of gay marriage. john: while i still have the panel here, one final question. of all the conservatives in the world in america who would you must like to see come out in favor of marriage equality? ben? >> i want to say michele bachmann but unfortunately i don't think that will ever happen, because if it does her husband will leave her. i'm going to say newt gingrich, because i want to see him at a gay wedding stealing all the snacks. >> he can officiate too. >> exactly. >> paul ryan, because he also looks like a honedsome jock in a fetish porn. >> paul ryan is a follower of jesus, who wasn't a homo phone. >> the guy who looks like jesus? >> fred phelps and kenny chesney come out in support in a duet. that i think that would be great. j
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15